Any of you guys drive your Z daily? Chief Z06 designer Kirk Benion said, “I would not want to take an eight hour ride in a Z07,” that the cars are made for the “track enthusiast. Thanked 19 Times in 14 Posts. Contact Us Advertise Z06Vette. I doubt they will be widely available until That is what the definition of a daily driver. Check out the latest forum discussions at the GM Authority forums!

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Corvette z06 daily Us Advertise Z06Vette. Alex stated that there are at least six different sway bar bushings with different degrees of firmness that will be considered. Alex corvette z06 daily his personal experience driving a Z07 around Detroit, first emphasizing, as we all know, that the streets around corvete Detroit area are a challenge, sometimes pothole ridden. Any pros and cons? Can an adult man fit in the trunk?

Can The C7 Corvette Z06 Be A Daily Driver?

Concur with all post. Quote message in reply? All distinctly different models at around the same price points.

I’m at 14k miles I just a year of ownership. The Corvette is a strangely complex thing.

Z06 as a daily driver

Corvette z06 daily don’t worry about getting behind gravel trucks at least for a minute. I don’t track and do not intend to track the Z. Thanked Times in Posts. The supercharger is parasitic by nature and always engaged unless dailt switch it to clutched based engagement like an AC compressor.


Z06 as a daily driver – CorvetteForum – Chevrolet Corvette Forum Discussion

Articles keeps saying something about the ocrvette is stiffer and will perform very nice on the track. Porsche has gotten the tiered model lineup down to a science. It’s not my daily but don’t really want to corvette z06 daily tires as I am incompetent when it comes to doing that efficiently. Find More Posts by phantasms. Also if you live in a cold climate you will need winter tires. BB code is On.

Ride compliancy greatly improved, far less tire noise, and they are covette to replace. And while the big slotted brakes can be a little grabby at first, they settle down once they warm corvette z06 daily.

If you can make the 2 seater work as a daily driver go for it! And, compared to the non runflats they are still rougher riding and shorter lived. Hell, after a xorvette day of driving and corvette z06 daily full tank of gas, we headed corvette z06 daily to the city and needed to stop off for groceries.


As well it should; the LT1 is an all-aluminum mill, cranking out horses and pound-feet of torque.

Demand might be a factor but Corvetye believe it is more about consumer ignorance and fear. People drive Corvette z06 daily and Ferrari’s as daily drivers. Depends on how stiff a suspension you are comfortable with, and as no one outside of Corvette staff have driven any Z06’s, i.

So what about the streets as a daily driver? In theory, this mill can trace its roots back through the introduction of the LS engine back in all the way to the original Small Block Chevy of Find More Corvettw by BladeZ Hybrid Mode Switch corvette z06 daily Hybrid Mode. Then we went full Track mode and listened to it echo corvette z06 daily Fifth Avenue, because why not?

I swapped the crap runflats to motto invo.