At this point it is what it is. It was messed up but, nobody has the right to assault anyone but, everyone has the right to defend themselves. He should NEVER have laid his hands on that woman, let alone deliver a potentially lethal blow to her. September 16, at Or at least use a Spell-Checker! What do you think, Joey? If you spit on me or put your hands on me I dont care we are getting it in.

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He wanted her to stay. Sandre Boneyaad Ennis says: January 11, at 9: At this point get over it and move on.

Bus Driver Uppercut: Victim Says It Felt Like ‘Mortal Combat’ Punch | News One

Yes, give his job back. What if that caused an accident and someone got killed or the bus crashed. January 16, at 1: January 11, at 7: You have every right to do what you have to do to defend yourself but be prepared for the consequences.


Amalgamated Transit Union Local President William Nix said that the members approved the measure to seek arbitration unanimously.

Fabiola Ferere JustTheFab says: RTA apologizes to our customers for this incident. Those stereotypes never were the truth in them to begin with.

Whatever Happened to the Cleveland Bus Driver who delivered that Uppercut?

February girl get uppercut by bus, at This is the first indicator that you ARE a thinker and your opinion deserves consideration. A bus is a moving missile and bg damage things. They should have both been thrown off of the bus! That was ridiculous behavior for a supposedly grown-assed man in a professional capacity.

After all he was just defending himself!!! September 16, at 9: Probably would have been better to just pin her down.

We need to stop pushing the line about what makes a person a man. His behavior is absolutely unacceptable. Well damn, he got his point across. What happens when the next driver ignores company policy and decides to take matters into his or her own hands.

March 26, at 5: He should NEVER have laid his hands on that nus, let alone deliver a potentially lethal blow to her. This is not really self defense.


Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercut: Man Punches Woman After Heated Argument (UPDATED) | HuffPost

November 12, at 1: The passenger who he hit was charged with disorderly conduct. December 22, at January 11, at 1: You hit You should expect 2 get hit back!!!

bj Kids have big mouths and he fed himself into that. I have grown daughters, they are strong and willing to stand up for what they believe. This was the 22 year veteran who delivered an upper cut to an unruly female passenger named Shidea Lane?