Flight Control Technology means it should work for everyone. Slicing the ball happens when you hit the ball away from your body. Turn the wrench clockwise until the wrench clicks, tightening the weights in the driver head. Golfers can quickly change the position of the weights to promote draws, fades or straight shots. Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. Write a Review Rate This Product: Better players will enjoy the workability that the R9 offers while those less confident off the tee will certainly be impressed by the distance, consistency and forgiveness that this excellent club delivers.

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One of the best driver I’ve tried recently. Read more in The Shop.

An awesome driver for the recreational golfer. Unless you taylormade r9 fct a low handicap golfer you probably found the head of the standard R9 driver a little on the small side at cc.

Even on off centre hits it felt and sounded good and the results were still impressive.

Taylormade r9 fct loved the penetration of the ball ttaylormade and the distance was excellent. Different settings can alter launch angle as much as 2-degrees and backspin up to 1, rpm. Stability Ball Dumbbell Workouts.

Slicing the ball happens when you hit the ball away from your body. Talyormade prefer this kind of adjustability as taylormade r9 fct seems to have a greater effect on tayllrmade flight and in the TaylorMade R9 driver it works well. I must admit, however, that the system on the R9 driver really does work and you can taylormade r9 fct your shots changing shape as you go through the settings.


How to Correct Kyphosis With Weightlifting.

Leaving the 16 g weight in taylormade r9 fct center cavity with the two 1 g weights in the heel and toe cavities leaves the taylormade r9 fct trajectory straight and adds distance to your drive.

The Neutral Upright setting produced a great, slightly drawn ball flight that meant you just wanted to keep hitting it. The R9 launches shots, on average, 1-degree higher with to rpm less spin than R9.

TaylorMade R9 and R9 TP Driver

The design allows you to alter directional ball flight up to 75 yards. Euro Ryder Cupper slept next to toilet after ‘messy’ victory party. One of the top overall performers; tajlormade adjustable head makes it fun and easy to try to find a new, better ball flight; springy, energetic face, an efficient transfer of power into the ball every time; pretty consistent forgiveness; the taylormade r9 fct effort you put into it, taylormade r9 fct more it delivers; masks potential distance loss on heel or toe strikes; penetrating ball flight.

Bought it taylormade r9 fct the original owner for fifty bucks. Sign in or Register with Golfalot. Game-Improvement Drivers We tested: Sign Up For Newsletters Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved.


The premise is to help you increase swing speed and launch. Turn the bolt counterclockwise until you can lift the head off the shaft and expose the Flight Control Technology sleeve. Looking back, Taylormade r9 fct realize what a lucky bloke I taylormade r9 fct.

Everything you missed from Round 2 of the Safeway Open. That’s the equivalent of four taylormaed, based on mph swing speed.

Today’s Golfer

Taylormade r9 fct big, broad face features “inverted cone” technology to max out distance on misses. But the R9 does have a deeper face and lower center of gravity than the original R9, which should taylormade r9 fct it resist twisting on off-center hits and promote a higher ball flight.

Media Reviews National Club Golfer. As the weight is further back the flight is a little higher on average than the R9 but still penetrating.

That said I think I’d probably stick to the setting I was most comfortable with but then I tend to just want taylormade r9 fct driver to go straight and long. Your email address You must enter a valid email address. Remove the tay,ormade from the toe, heel and back of the driver head using the same R9 torque wrench.